Embrace the era of consent-based marketing

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The world of marketing is changing. In the face of rising data privacy concerns, corporations are expected to be vigilant when it comes to protecting customer information. Customers expect to have more of a say in what they see and when they see it than ever before. Consentric Marketing is at the forefront of this new way of thinking with a growing vision for a future where customers give businesses the go-ahead to use their information.

Our mission at Consentric Marketing is to help you evolve and excel in the world of consent-based marketing. In today’s marketplace, it’s not sufficient to strive for customer centricity. We must earn the right to speak to customers and potential customers; indeed, to even know that they exist. Marketing now includes the obligation to earn the right to market!

We want to work with you on key marketing efforts, from the very structure and orientation of your marketing team, to how and why you create product, to what technology you deploy to facilitate your marketing, to how you collect organize and ethically use data, to how you chose your customer segments and create conversations and engage them.

We want to be your partners on this journey. We have the expertise and experience to be guides and aides and we have the passionate belief that the marketplace will reward those organizations that embrace this marketing philosophy.

We’d be honored to share our thinking and discover how we can collaborate together.

Marketing in the Age of Consent

Commercial power has shifted toward customers and the institutions representing them across the world. Customer-centric thinking takes a great leap forward when consent is placed at the center of the marketer’s thinking.

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The Architecture of Consent

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How do you operationalize the intent of putting customer consent at the center of your marketing thinking?

  1. Consent Engine is created to govern the entry and exit of customer information and how it is used. It is governed by data policies that align with customer and social values. The policies are easily found on the website and are easy to understand. The Consent Engine converts policy into practice and monitors all technology for compliance. It accepts and transfers customer data in compliance with the data policies.
  2. Ethical Technology is distinct from traditional software and hardware. It interfaces with the Consent Engine on data policy compliance. It provides proof that all uses of traditional software and hardware are in alignment.

The Company / Customer Power Shift

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Company Power

  • Your data is our data.
  • If we can identify you, we will.
  • If we can track you, we will.
  • If we can get your address, we will mail you.
  • If we have your data, we will analyze and store it.

Customer Power

  • My data is my data.
  • Get my permission before you identify, track, mail, or analyze me.
  • If you harass me online, I’m gone.
  • If you lose my data or sell it, I won’t buy from you anymore and I’ll seek revenge on social media or through political or legal means.

The implications of the power shift are subtle yet profound. They require nothing short of a complete overhaul of marketing.

Even though we all know commercial power has shifted dramatically toward the customer in the past decade, many companies tend to operate as if they still have all the power. Buyers have a keen sense for companies that are stuck in the past and are trying to exert power they don’t really have. Buyers don’t just vote with their feet, they also take to the digital streets and publicize their disappointment with companies that try to exert inappropriate power over them.

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