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Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo is an experienced Chief Marketing Officer at Consentric Marketing with a demonstrated track record of success in the marketing and advertising industry. He was named a Top 50 Marketer by OnCon multiple times, most recently in 2021. Frank’s noted skill-set includes Business Planning, Enterprise Software, Sales, Go-to-Market Strategy, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Frank Grillo help digitally-focused leaders evolve and excel with consent-based marketing.

In his previous role as CMO at Harte Hanks, leading a 4,500 person marketing agency, He saw marketing that was great AND truly backwards right next to each other.


Companies spammed their customers to death with cold emails, with a blatant disregard for data privacy.

Let’s pretend you’re doing some shopping. You leave the store, and a salesperson follows you around, asking you to buy their product over and over. Would that be acceptable? Of course not! Yet that’s EXACTLY how enterprises run their marketing!

Marketing has become dehumanised. And large companies are spending vast amounts of money to make customers hate them.


– Putting the customer first with consent-based marketing strategies (instead of ones that are impersonal and invasive)
– Structuring / reorienting your marketing team
– Ensuring you’re ethically using customer data
– Choosing the right customer segments to create conversations with
– Using technology (that’s making some marketing horribly soulless) to instead create relevant and intimate customer experiences

Chief Marketing Officer

Frank Grillo

Chief Marketing Officer
Frank Grillo - Consentric Marketing