Christian Sarkar

Christian Sarkar is an author, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant. He’s the co-author of Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action, a book written with Philip Kotler, the “father of modern marketing.”

Christian is a leading authority in several areas:

  • Double Loop Marketing™: development and implementation of engagement platforms that accelerate “Return on Attention”
  • Ecosystem Marketing: the mapping of social and business networks for competitive intelligence and market research
  • Brand Activism: a growing trend that aligns businesses with the greater good
  • Thought Leadership: creating and spreading leading ideas in business and academia
  • Creativity: innovation initiatives and scenario planning for the future

Christian has deep expertise with strategic marketing and branding and has worked closely with several leading businesses and individuals, including:

  • Corporate: Strategyn, Deloitte Center for the Edge, Physician Leadership Institute, Center for Transformation and Innovation, Knowledge Kinetics, McMann & Ransford, Penguin Books USA, Oracle, BMC Software, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat Linux
  • Individual Thought Leaders: Philip Kotler, John Hagel, John Seely Brown, Anthony Ulwick, Tom Davenport, Stuart Hart, Marshall Goldsmith, Laurence Haughton, Larry Prusak, Vijay Govindarajan
  • Academia: Emory University, Thunderbird, Babson, UCLA, Dartmouth, Michigan, University of Houston, Harvard University, University of Vermont
  • Start-Ups: Neural ID, Mezeo, Danube, Enterprise Informatics, Compliance Spectrum, Alertlogic, JME Software, Scalable Software, Neon Enterprise Software 
  • Entertainment: Steel Pulse
  • Self-Help: The Work of Byron Katie, Cain Carroll, Radiant Awakening
  • Non-Profit: Enterprise for a Sustainable World, Solar Electric Light Fund, International Fund for Africa, Partners In Health, Hold On [4 Haiti]

Christian Sarkar